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Eduard von Kymmel (id Linked®): Creating values with a better corporate governance

“Innovation, Sustainability and Transparency are the key values of id Linked®. It is time to offer next to the traditional and conventional governance services state-of-the-art digitalisation and ESG corporate governance values” says Eduard von Kymmel, founder and Managing Director of id Linked®. id Linked S.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based independent NextGen corporate governance service provider.

Why do you think it is time for a change?

Various studies and our own research of more than 2000 SICAVs and management companies in different domiciles show that there is a huge need and demand of investors for development and improvement in the area of corporate governance of companies and funds. Especially when it comes to the composition of boards and the role of independent directors. If we take a closer look at various existing board of directors, we see an extremely homogeneous composition of board members. What is not a surprising fact, as the majority of board members is recruited from the own (limited) network. Naturally they have quite often the same age, same attitude, come from the same sector etc. And still very often a gap in gender diversity. Similarities that represent a comfort zone, that can be hazardous in terms of an open-minded company management. Only heterogeneity enables a diverse and open approach.

“A good mix of age, gender, ethnicity, personalities, background and objectives is crucial for successful management!”

How do you want to achieve this change?

Currently it is hard to find an independent director outside from one`s own network. Service providers exist, but are they all truly independent as some of these companies also offer for example fund administration and/or AIFM services? Given the fact that there is a need for independent directors that really deserve the attribute “independent” in terms of an unbiased approach and our wish to bring diversity and an added value into the board of directors of companies and funds, we from id Linked® developed id Ship, a dedicated NextGen search-matchmaking platform to connect independent/non-executive directors, interim managers, RCs with investment fund initiators, management companies/AIFMs, SICAVs/ ICAVs, SPVs, banks, insurance companies and consultants/law firms in Luxembourg, Ireland and Liechtenstein. In our opinion, a very attractive tool in addition to the existing service providers.

Who can benefit from id Ship?

id Ship is a win-win for both sides. On the one hand id Ship helps independent/non-executive directors (including members of sophisticated director offices), interim managers and RCs to connect with counterparties who are looking for their profile, skills and experience. On the other hand id Ship helps ManCos/AIFMs, SPVs, SICAVs/ICAVs, banks, insurance companies and consultant/law firms to increase the number of

suitable candidates with a desired profile. With id Ship companies can strengthen their corporate governance and organization by applying a sophisticated board of director, interim manager or RC selection process and succession planning. Furthermore, id Ship expands companies service range as a service provider / consultant/ law firm.

Above that id Linked® sets itself high compliance and KYC standards and therefore uses for own KYC purposes LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data and Adverse Information Search™ when onboarding new members.

id Ship is a perfect opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air into company management.

Is id Ship a competitor to existing director offices?

Not at all. We already have some id Ship members who belong to different Directors Office. We see us as an independent supporter and service provider for single directors and members of director offices as well as for searching companies. In our opinion id Ship helps also existing, well established, professional director offices to get access to new mandates. id Linked® will market and promote the iNED industry very focussed to our target customers in the target markets and actively appear on the market. We are convinced, all members will benefit from this in equally. Just as ILA acts as a developer, representation and interesting group for directors, we see ourselves as an international independent iNED ambassador and connector between searching and offering parties.

What are the main reasons for id Ship members to join your platform id Ship?

According to numerous positive feedback we got: great and unique offering in our target markets, independency of our organisation, no conflict of interests, digitalisation, our ESG approach, state of the art and user-friendly stable and secure system, privacy option, our internal KYC/AML process and very fair pricing model.

What is you plan for the coming years?

As innovation is one of our key values, id linked will strive to further improve corporate governance and offer additional services that provide distinctive sustainable added value for the board and all stakeholders.


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