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Why ESG Square?

ESG, SDG, Sustainable Finance, Green Finance, Carbon capture, Carbon footprint, Paris agreement, COP21...


We hear many terms and there is so much happening that it is not always so easy to understand and keep up with ESG initiatives, yet it is a very important topic for all of us.


We have created ESG Square with the aim of becoming a one-stop guide to the World of ESG and sustainability in Luxembourg by providing structure, removing noise and honing in on the key issues and developments that matter.


ESG Square looks at the key actors in this space and provides relevant information on:

  • Who is doing what and commitments made

  • New initiatives on the horizon

  • Real world solutions you or your company can adopt

  • Thought-provoking pieces and analysis


(A message from Niccolo Polli, CEO HSBC Luxembourg)


About ESG Square

ESG Square is a private initiative launched by 360Crossmedia with 3 main goals:

- Discuss all dimensions of ESG

- Share best practices through the regular publication of articles, videos and e-conferences on
- Publish a book/e-book in December, distributed for free to all readers willing to explore ESG in depth

Bookmark this page and visit it regularly for updates!

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